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About Us

Welcome to Sportsplayer Management, where our mission is to represent our clients' best interests and guide them to their full potential within the dynamic world of professional sports. Founded by Tyran Smith, a former professional Rugby League player, our company has been built on a wealth of firsthand sports industry experience.

Our motto, "Human First, Athlete Second," is a testament to our belief that a player's overall well-being and personal development is paramount. We work tirelessly to ensure our athletes are not only successful in their sporting careers, but also well-rounded individuals off the field.

With our headquarters in Sydney, we strive to champion the careers of athletes, fostering their growth and navigating the intricacies of sports management. This allows our clients to focus on what truly matters - delivering their best performance.

Our core values, Honesty and Integrity, are embedded in everything we do. We believe that players should be compensated fairly for their skill and dedication. This belief extends to every negotiation we undertake, every endorsement deal we secure, and every career decision we guide.

We strive to equip athletes with real, practical tools for success, representing them with unwavering integrity.

Our Services

Sportsplayer Management offers a comprehensive suite of services that cater to an athlete's diverse needs. We handle contract negotiations, secure endorsement deals, offer legal support, and provide career management, guided by our seasoned team of agents and advisors. We also focus on post-career planning, understanding the importance of an athlete's life beyond the playing field.

Sportsplayer Academy

Committed to nurturing the future of sports, we've established the Sportsplayer Academy. This platform equips young aspiring athletes with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in their professional journeys. Through scholarships, we provide free access to the Academy Hub, which features articles, interviews, and videos from our own athletes. The Academy also features interactive monthly live streams, providing an opportunity for direct engagement and learning.

Sportsplayer Magazine

Our dedication to bridging the gap between fans and athletes led to the creation of the Sportsplayer Magazine. This platform presents the inspiring stories, personal journeys, and insights of our athletes, fostering a deeper understanding and connection.

Founded by Tyran Smith, we're committed to changing the culture of professional sports. We emphasize good leadership, a solid training ethic, and good off-field behavior, all traits that Tyran believes are critical for fostering a better culture within professional sports.

At Sportsplayer Management, we are here to guide our athletes to their full potential, celebrating their achievements on the field, and honouring the person behind the athlete.