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Tyran Smith


In the Beginnings

For a long time it has been a passion of mine to create something for sports people that no one else has been able to do, coming from the level of experience which I can draw from, I recognise better than anyone the needs and demands that an athlete deserves and is entitled to.

Professional Career

Being a professional footballer myself, I am fully aware of the realities of the sport as a profession. What ever stage you are at in your career, be assured that through my personal triumphs and failures I am knowledgeable and capable to look after you and see you be the best that you can be!

Learning from my own experiences during my 14 years as a professional sportsman and through the many players whom I have befriended in this time, I know exactly what an athlete expects from their manager. I have built a depth of contacts throughout my career, playing for several NRL clubs, as well as for New Zealand. We aspire to provide every client with a complete management service, to advise and assist in every aspect of their life. I know first hand that a professional career does not last forever, so it is one of our main goals to ensure each client’s financial wellbeing.

The Company

We, at Sportsplayer Management pride ourselves in having every piece necessary to be the most complete company in this industry. No one can match the experience, personal attention to clients, hard work, dedication and youthful exuberance that we possess. Why deal with us? It’s simple… We take care of everything off the field, pitch, track or court so that our athletes can concentrate on what they do best.

We have also developed a youth division designed to assist and support young athletes and their families. Coming through the adversities many face as young Polenesians trying to focus on a making it! Both Hop and I have experienced the highs, lows and made mistakes which we have learnt from and can steer others away from.


This website is meant to work in many different ways. To introduce potential clients and their families, who we are, how we got here, what we stand for, what we can offer and why we are best suited for them.Enjoy browsing the site and remember what you want out of life is attainable.

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”

Stephen R. Covery

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Tyran Smith

You can contact Tyran on 0405 119 000, email or simply use our contact form.